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Insurance: Even though the world’s population has increased by about a billion people in the last century, how many countries use insurance has not changed much. Those countries are still the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Costa Rica. However, other countries are starting to use insurance.


Almost one-third of the population carries private health insurance. Most of these plans are provided by employers or unions. The cost of services is managed via the regulation of introductory prices for newly patented medicines. Moreover, providers are not permitted to bill private patients for services insured under the government’s aegis.

In terms of numbers, a full 10 percent of Canada’s GDP is spent on health care. The lion’s share of this spending is federally funded. The Canadian government estimates that it will cost about $18 billion in 2018 to keep the current levels of healthcare coverage in place. The federal government apportions this spending to the provinces, which in turn apportion it to local governments.

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Despite its size, China is one of the countries that use insurance. It has a health insurance market that is growing rapidly. The government is looking at ways to improve its medical insurance system.

Basic medical insurance plans cover hospital care, prescription drugs, and primary care. The plans have copayments and reimbursement ceilings. Some plans include specialty care. The plans are offered by local governments and private health organizations.

Private health insurance is offered by multinational companies in China. These companies have established provider networks. Insurers have struggled to make money in the market. However, with the rapid growth of the digital boom, insurance companies are exploring new digital distribution channels.

Costa Rica

Getting your fill of health care is a luxury that affluent Americans can take for granted, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Most countries in the European Union have a health Insurance scheme that is not as expensive as you might think, but it still pays to be well-informed about what you’re up against. The best of the lot is in France. It’s best to do your homework before departure. The aforementioned French government will no doubt be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about their health plan. It’s also a good idea to consult your health insurance provider before leaving your country of origin.

United States

Almost every country in the world has a role in private insurance. They use a combination of tax dollars, premium contributions, and cost-sharing to finance their health care. The size of private insurance varies from country to country. In some countries, private coverage is mainly for younger and higher-earning adults. However, in other countries, the government requires all citizens to buy insurance.

In the United States, the majority of citizens are covered by insurance through employer-sponsored health plans. However, there are 50 million people who do not have insurance and are therefore unable to get medical care. In addition, the cost of medical bills has become unaffordable to many families. The result is that fewer people can access preventive health services and have shortened lifespans.

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