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Lifestyle Blogs: Let me begin this article with a statement: I am not a lifestyle blogger.

As Kerouac said, I just offer my crap.

But I like to delve into the blogging world, and I’m always curious when someone claims to be a lifestyle blogger or to have a lifestyle blog. If you think about it, almost all niches of blogging are part of the lifestyle.

Semantics aside, I understand what people mean when they talk about lifestyle blogs in general, and these are blogs that cannot be categorized into any niche or area of interest. After all, our lives are full of different activities, interests, skills, and experiences, so lifestyle blogs should be just as diverse.

What is a lifestyle blog?

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A lifestyle blog is an online platform inspired by the blogger’s daily life, personal interests, and areas of expertise, and usually includes content from different areas or interests. While some blogs are defined by their niche – such as food blogs – lifestyle blogs are often defined by a variety of topics.

Because of this diversity, they are a good place for parents to explore.

If you want to write about both recipes and home decorating, you probably have a lifestyle blog. Because of this diversity, they are good niches for parents to explore.

There are more complex definitions, but if you want your blog to cover more than one niche, your blog probably falls into the lifestyle blog category.

If you want to write about both recipes and home decorating, you probably have a lifestyle blog.

“A lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital representation of the author’s daily content and interests.” – explains influencer marketing agency Mediakix.

“A lifestyle blogger creates inspiring and curated content based on their interests and daily activities.”

In short, a lifestyle blogger writes about lifestyle.

Moreover, the definition of a lifestyle blogger is meaningless because it is based on their creative ideas and goals.

“No one should define your lifestyle blog but you,” says Monica of Elgin Avenue.

If you are wondering what a lifestyle blog is to start your blog, I have a tip: don’t worry about labels or packaging for what you do.

Just do it.

You decide for yourself what a lifestyle blog is.

If you want to start a blog, don’t think about the definition, but focus on why you blog.

If you want…… Do you want to blog?

  • Do you write every day?
  • Do you read blog posts that inspire others?
  • To make money?
  • To create something creative and meaningful?

A lifestyle blog is inherently broad and undefined.

I have an outdoor blog, but it can also be called a lifestyle blog because the outdoors is a lifestyle.

There are no rules and labels are irrelevant.

Create the blog you want to see in the world.

But the best lifestyle blogs have a common theme that ties all their topics and content together.

If someone has a blog about healthy eating, fitness, and wellness, there is usually a common theme that ties all the content together.

It is hard to see it in specific posts, but if you browse through the blogs (or social media accounts), the common theme of lifestyle blogs becomes clear.

If you are unsure of your lifestyle blog content, you can start small and work your way up.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Instead, pick a few popular areas that interest you and build on them.

A mix of topics represents your interests, but it’s best to stick to a wide range of topics: food, travel, fashion, home decor, beauty, fitness, and family,” says Alison Wright of Simply Hatch.

What should a lifestyle blog include?

Vector images showing the design elements of the blog

Again, there are no rules, but the best blogs have a theme or common thread that ties together content on different topics.

Some of the blogs above have three topics, while others have five or more.

So there is no need to include topical content or anything other than focusing on what interests you, where you can provide value, and where you can best help your audience.

  1. If that means covering only nutrition and fitness, so be it.
  2. Don’t try to be an expert in all areas.
  3. It’s best to bring a range of expertise to the table.

Is it possible to make money on a lifestyle blog?

Yes, and the above blogs prove it.
If you want more proof, check out these 100 blog income reports or do a Google search for example “lifestyle blog” or “blog income report”.
You will see different examples of how bloggers make money from lifestyle blogging.
And you don’t have to look at blog income reports to see that lifestyle bloggers are making money.
If you find a blog you like, pay attention to how the site makes money.

  • Do you see ads?
  • Sponsored posts?
  • Printed products for sale?

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